Monday, September 22, 2014

Maedeup Monday!

I had a lot of time to kill on the flight to Korea. Fourteen hours sitting in a airplane seat could drive one mad (especially if you don't particularly care to fly) if you don't plan for it. I always carry on lots of things for me to do to keep my mind away from thinking how long I will sitting.
I had bought an extra large purse just for this purpose. Things I brought to do inflight: a book to read, maedeup projects, knitting, and a sketchbook. I also made use of the inflight movies and caught up on a ton of movies and documentaries. Some of the movies I watched: Captain Phil, The Fault in Our Stars, Saving Mr. Banks, and Nebraska just to name a few. I truly wish I was one of those that can sleep on an airplane.
I made these garakjis while inflight. I cannot carry on my awl but improvised by taking a bobby pin and straightening it. It works pretty well as a makeshift awl.
I made some chakra necklaces with the garakjis and you can find them in my Etsy shop if you are interested. I only made five necklaces so get them while you can. Tomorrow I will continue with our Korean trip with a trip to one of the most painful place I have ever visited.

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