Monday, September 29, 2014

Maedeup Monday!

Twenty-eight hours in the air does give one a lot of time to do maedeup and I took advantage of it. These are going to become necklaces so stay tuned.
It was a beautiful weekend and the grandkids came over to visit our local apple orchard, Pinetree Apple Orchard. It turns out a lot of people had the same idea so it was pretty crowded with police directing traffic.
We did major damage in the apple orchard store. We sent the kids home loaded with apples along with all kinds of apple goods. My daughter told me no more than one caramel apple each and somehow they went home with four. It's a grandma thing, trust me. Along with the caramel apples and a peck of freshly picked apples, I  managed to send them on their way with apple cider, apple donuts, apple bars and apple turnovers.
We also returned from Korea with some gifts for the kids and grandkids. Noah asked for a Korean lego set which was hard to find. We found a lot of Lego sets with very high prices and were lucky to find this set. He loved it.
Ezra is into cars and he loved these. 
            Judah also loved his gifts. This is just one of a million reasons our suitcases were full.

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