Monday, February 16, 2015

Maedeup Monday!

Hi Everyone! I've been pretty silent the past month because of how busy life became. My mom was in the hospital a few weeks ago for spinal surgery and I went down to Illinois to help her in her recovery and to help around the house. In preparation for this extended stay, I gathered a bunch of craft projects to work on. I had baggies full of maedeup projects that I had never completed and some knitting projects. The photo above is some of the maedeup jewelry I was able to complete while at my folks' house. I will be adding much of it to my Etsy store soon.

My mom was told originally that she would spend 5-7 days in the hospital so I brought lots of things to do while in the hospital with her. We were shocked that the day after her surgery, they sent her home. I'm not sure now looking back that it was a wise decision but we made it through. It was quite an adventure we went through and my next post will be on my stay. But for now, I'm busy catching up on many things. It's amazing what you really get accomplished when you have no internet but I was excited to be back on line.

While at my folk's home, I found and bought these malted milk balls while shopping at their local market to while picking up a few things for my mom. It was a huge mistake!!! All three of us became addicted. We couldn't stop. They were hands down the best malted milk balls we had ever eaten. I'm so glad they are not available near my home. The cravings continue.

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