Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Judah's 1st Birthday

Judah turned one on February 25th so we had a little family birthday party for him. Of course we did the Korean tol because it's so much fun to see what they choose. He immediately went for the bowl of rice which means he will never be hungry. Our tol consisted of: computer mouse (he will be a gamer which is a highly respected job in Korea), ruler (I forgot), bowl of rice (never be hungry), money (will be wealthy), pencil (will be a scholar), ball (professional player) and string (will have a long life). His mama wasn't surprised at all he went for the rice. Right now he is all about food.
 Judah and mama helping to blow out that candle.
                                             He loved the rocking horse we got him.
His brothers loved the cupcakes. 
And so did Judah. It was a great time and we all marveled at how fast the year had past.

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