Sunday, December 20, 2015

South Korea Vacation 2015 - Part 9 Insadong Buddhist Temple

We visited my one of my favorite Buddhist Temples which is very near Insadong in Seoul. They were busy constructing these plant installations which featured mums. They were not in bloom yet and I wish we had been there when it was finished and in full bloom.
                                  But you still could see how beautiful it was going to be.

I will never know what the occasion was for this but it really isn't necessary to know the reason why to appreciate it.
 So much work and talent involved to create this.
And the lotus flowers did not disappoint. They are one of my favorite flowers.
See the goldfish too?
                                     The birth of a lotus flower. So very beautiful to me.

 There is a pond in front of the temple and you walk over the pond to get to the temple.

At the front entrance, I found this offering left by someone, apple juice and some dduk (ricecakes). We also happen to visit as a protest march was getting underway. My next post will be devoted to that.

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  1. Probably Jogyesa? We happened across that accidentally once. (On or near Buddha's birthday.) The lotus flowers are gorgeous!


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