Friday, December 4, 2015

South Korea Vacattion 2015 - Part 6 Gwangjang Market

Rocketman and I love Gwangjang Market. It is where I find my bojagi supplies (Korean quilting) and is heaven to photographers and those who love Korean food. The many vendors makes it mecca of motion. There is always something going on no matter which way you look.
 Here are some of things Rocketman photographed. 

There are lots of these fresh seafood restaurants where you choose your dish and then enter the back to have it cooked for you.

 After so many years visiting, I recognize lots of vendors like this one. I was sad to find my favorite mandu vendor was gone.
                                                       There are lots of side alleys too.
                                   Now these are photos I took with my handy point and shoot.

 We also found a little restaurant to have some lunch. They actually called us over using English and were pretty insistent. It was really tiny but they had a spot for us.
 I had to order kimchi jeon. It's one of my most favorite foods. The kitchen is actually in the front of the restaurant as you enter.
We also got an order of kimbap. Of course, I had to have the kimchi banchan refilled and they happily complied.

I took a couple videos of the area. I was sad to see why some food vendors were gone. They were replaced with perfume and other nonfood vendors. I'm pretty sure it was to appeal to the Chinese tourists.

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