Monday, June 6, 2016

South Korea Vacation Part 28 - Namdaemun

Whenever we visit Korea, Namdaemun is one of our must stops. It's a huge tourist attraction and the main road is difficult to navigate at times due to the amount of people and scooters. Then throw in some vendors that just set up a table or a sheet on the floor in the middle of the street to display their wares and it can be a zoo. But that is also the charm of Namdaemun.
      I love to watch the food vendors working like crazy to feed the masses that pass by their stalls.
                                        There is so much to see, smell and hear in Namdaemun.
                                                        And then there are the socks!
                 Sized for small feet not my 9 1/2 size. In Korea, they call my feet "BIG SIZE."
                                                             But they still are fun to look at.

It seems that almost every time we are in Namdaemun we discover a new alley. This time it was a very narrow alley lined with food vendors.
They all knew a little bit of English, enough to try and get our attention as we walked by pointing to one of their empty stools. 
 We decided to eat lunch just across the street of Namdaemun at a little restaurant with a ton of food offerings.
                                                                This was the menu.
                                               They also had a picture menu on the wall.

                                         Rocketman decided on the mandu guk (dumpling soup).
                                                                           Side dishes.
                                                       I was hungry for kimchi jjigae.
                                  We also ordered some kimbap. The food was delicious!
         As we made our way back to Namdaemun, I saw a Buddha on the roof of a building.
Not sure what he was doing up there but it was cool to see. If you ever visit Namdaemun or anywhere in Korea, get lost. You won't believe the amazing things you will find when you go off the beaten path.


  1. Moomintroll! (Mmmm... jjigae!)

  2. The food looks great! The writing on the building with a Buddha on top says it is a Buddhist temple. Kind of a small, chapel-like one, it seems. You may have noticed the red swastiker-like sign. That is a Buddhist symbol, not a Nazi symbol - the branches off the cross go to different ways.


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