Tuesday, June 28, 2016

South Korea Vacation Part 29 - Namdaemun - Rocketman's Photos

      Ajumma heaven! Namdaemun is a great place to find all your ajumma needs including clothing.
It was unusually quiet the day we visited. We went on a weekday which helped a lot and also in the morning. Watch out on the weekends, it can be brutal.
                                                                           Moon guys!

I wanted to pick up a couple of metal lunch trays and this poor guy had to climb into the rafters to find them for me. So to say they pack in the goods is an understatement.
 Ajumma shoes! Alas, they never have my size which is a 9 1/2. I like that they were slip-ons because it makes eating out a whole lot easier when you it comes to removing your shoes.
                         Sometimes I get sensory overload with everything there is to look at.

                                                                     Love this picture!
I stopped by my favorite bead store. It's on the fifth floor of a building off the main street of Namdaemun. We would have never found it years ago if not for Hellena.
                           It's beads and beads. The entire floor has little shops like this one.
The hard part is that there are no prices so you have to ask. They also only take cash so I always take great care when I'm there. Rocketman always seems to find a lone chair close by which helps a lot. 
Here are the metal lunch trays! They are much fun for the grandboys. They love that I fill each section with something different. I need to pick up some more our next trip.

I'm getting near the end of blogging about our Korea 2015 trip. We did squeeze so much in those few weeks and I can really see it as this is my 29th post.

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