Tuesday, August 16, 2016

New Direction

I have been in a state of unrest (craft wise) for the last couple of years after moving back home from South Korea. While living there I immersed myself in many Korean crafts and my days were spent in classes. I brought polymer clay with me but did not touch it once. So I knew the day was coming when I would decide to move in a different direction.

I started taking watercolor and sumi-e classes at a local art center. I also signed up for classes online both in watercolor and mixed media. I fell in love with the medium and learned to overcome my fear of not being good enough. Sometimes you can be your own worst enemy.
I have been throwing around an idea for a children's book for over a year without diving in. A few months ago I put the story to paper and then began to draw and paint the illustrations myself. It took a long time and many times I would make an excuse to not work on it. But once I really dug in I couldn't stop. I have been having so much fun and yesterday I completed the book.

I still need Rocketman to scan the pages and add the text but I am in no hurry because as soon as this book finished the idea for a sequel came to me and today I am starting the second book in the series. So I am in the process of writing the story for the sequel. Then I will sketch the illustrations and after I review and make any changes, I will draw and paint the illustrations. As in the first book, the story may change and that's the fun part of the process.

I have signed up for some fall painting classes and will enjoy getting out and meeting new people. It has been a long time. I still have my Korean crafts that I enjoy working on so life is very full on the crafty front. I also have a few quilt kits to be made and a couple of knitting projects but they will be complete in time. I think I went crazy (in a good way) last year with all the quilts I made.

If you are wondering the online classes I have been taking here they are:
1. Wyanne Thompson
2. Tracy Verdugo
3. Life Book with Tam Laporte

I love that the classes are downloadable and you go at your own pace.


  1. Becky, if you ever get a chance to take a course with Tracy in person.....DO IT!! As a former beadmaker I was seriously suffering from the belief that I could not paint. I took her e-course Paint Mojo and then took a 5 day long course with her on Whidbey Island. It was a life-changer!

  2. Oh Suzee, I want to badly. I am kicking myself for not taking her classes in Madison, WI which is a drive for me from Wisconsin but it was the closest she's been to Minnesota. I will definitely do it when she is ever in the upper Midwest again.


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