Monday, June 22, 2009

1. Cupcakes

I love cupcakes! This gorgeous cupcake is the work of Bakerella. Whereas this cupcake is meant to be enjoyed by one lucky mouth (sadly, it's not mine), I have found cupcakes that one can enjoy without the risk of unwanted calories. I am also here to prove the crafting and food go hand in hand.

How about a ceramic cupcake cookie jar!

My friend Holly makes the cutest lampwork beads.

I found this knitted cupcake here.

I will always be a big fan of polymer clay and what cuter than a polymer clay cupcake. You can see more here.

These cupcakes are made using two wash cloths. Aren't they cute? I found them in here.

These cupcakes are soap and made with shea butter. You can find them at LoveLeeSoap's etsy shop. I never knew you could create such things in soap. It makes me want to eat one. I have one of her cupcakes and I have to keep it away from my grandson. He thinks its the real thing.

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  1. Well, gosh! Can someone help me get my head through the door??? My beads featured in two blogs in one day!

    Thanks Becky! I love you! and miss you!!!


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