Tuesday, June 2, 2009

You Can Play With Your Food

I was sent these pictures from my friend Franny in Indonesia. I never thought of food as being art but look what I was missing out on. I think everything looks too good to eat. While living in South Korea, I did see a television show once that documented food stylist students. I had never heard of a food stylist until that show and it was amazing what they did to make all that food you see on television and in print ads look so realistic. Enjoy!

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  1. Your dear old producer worked as a food stylist on a few commercials! OMG!!!! You have no idea!!!! I think that is one of the hardest jobs I ever had...You can't imagine what it was like shopping for the perfect hamburger bun for a meat commercial (i.e. - the bun was NOT the star, but still had to be PERFECT!). Look at buns the next time you are in the grocery store... see if you think they are perfect. And then imagine how many stores you'll need to go to in order to find perfect buns!


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