Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Getting Organized

I bought a garment rack while living in South Korea to hang all my maedeup (Korean knotting) cording. It makes it easy to see what colors I have and it keeps the cording from getting tangled (well almost). I found the perfect hooks at Home Plus in Korea which is like a Super Target.

I had lovingly packed all the cording myself, rubber banding each bundle so that it wouldn't get tangled. I didn't trust the movers to just through it all in a box and that would have made a huge mess to unpack. It was wonderful to see everything again.

I am anxiously waiting for my maedeup book to come out as I've only seen a black and white copy which looked fantastic. You can preorder it at Amazon.

I also unpacked my chilbo (Korean enameling) supplies and I'm excited to get started with that also. This is a picture of the powdered glass with each color in it's own container. I bought these from my Korean chilbo teacher who was thoughtful enough to write the color on each container. The only problem is that I can't read Korean. Hannah, my Korean friend wrote 'T" on the transparent colors which will save me a lot of headaches.

The only thing I didn't have for chilbo was a kiln so I researched and ordered a Paragon Kiln. You need a window to watch the chilbo melt. You have to know when it is done by looking at it not by how long it is in the kiln.

I am also selling some of my books on Ebay. I can't wait to get crafting!

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  1. Ooooo I am really liking your maedeup cord collection. And thank you for the heads up on the book at amazon!


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