Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Batman and Batgirl for Halloween

When the kids were little I loved to make their Halloween costumes. They would tell me what they wanted to be and I would head off to my local JoAnn Fabric store to find a pattern. It was definitely more expensive to do it this way than to buy a pre-made costume but I enjoyed making them and they were always unique.

Rocketman and I were at the retinologist last week for a post surgical exam. It has been four months since his detached retina. Due to the steroids he was prescribed during recovery he has developed a significant cataract in that eye. He is having surgery in a few weeks for that.

I must say this waiting room is one of the most interesting ones I've sat in. The average age of the patient is 70 and I hear all kinds of stories. One lady told me about death of her hubby over twenty years ago and her love of yorkies.

Another patient when hearing that he didn't need to be seen for 4 months yelled out, "Four months! I could be dead by then!" It was one of the funniest things I've ever heard. When scheduling the appointment, he also let us all know that he preferred a morning appointment since they schedule all the afternoon ones for the same time and you wait forever standing because there are usually no chairs unoccupied. We have discovered this too and it's soooo annoying and ridiculous.

I happen to be sitting next to the door when this gentleman left and he told me the same thing that he could be dead in four months. I just smiled at him and disagreed while inside I was thinking we all could be dead in four months. Tomorrow is never a guarantee.

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