Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Twin Cities Live Appearance !!!

I appeared a second time December 16th on "Twin Cities Live" this time demoing a washer necklace. I had a blast making a necklace out of washers. Now my new favorite craft store is my neighborhood hardware store. I even invaded Rocketman's stash! I still don't really know what washers are used for.

Copyright 2009 Becky Meverden
This picture does not want to appear the way it is suppose to.

Copyright 2009 Becky Meverden
The co-hosts of "Twin Cities Live" are John and Elizabeth. I didn't want John to feel left out so I made him this key chain in Minnesota Viking colors. I used Scribble paints to make the dots. These paints are normally used to decorate clothing.

Copyright 2009 Becky Meverden
I dug into my button stash to create this necklace and earrings.

Copyright 2009 Becky Meverden
This necklace also uses the Scribble paints.

Copyright 2009 Becky Meverden
Faux gemstones I bought at Michaels and I used E6000 to glue them into place.

Copyright 2009 Becky Meverden
This pendant uses self sticking gems. How perfect is that. No messy glue!

Copyright 2009 Becky Meverden
I even found these black washers made of PVC. I used gold glitter glue to dot.

Copyright 2009 Becky Meverden
For this necklace, I spread the top of the washer with E6000 and then sprinkled on a bead mixture. I bought the beads already mixed.
Here are the basic instructions:
Washer Necklace
By Becky Meverden
Assortment of washers (projects used ½”, 7/16” and 3/8”
24 ga. icy silver Fun Wire (www.tonerplastics.com)
6mm silver jump rings
Assorted self stick gems
3 ft. of ribbon or decorative trim (cut in half)
Wire cutters
2 pair needle (or flat) nose pliers

1. Use assorted sizes to arrange the washers into a design of your choice. The washers have a front and back so make sure the front is facing up as you design.
2. Use the wire cutters to cut a length of Fun Wire. Start at the back of the washer and wrap the wire around the washer three times finishing in the back. Cut off the excess wire and press the wire into the washer.
3. There needs to be a wire wrapped section where a washer meets another washer.
4. Use needle nose pliers to attach jump rings to each wire section to connect the washers.
5. Use self sticking gems to decorate the washers.
6. Thread ribbon through each end of the necklace and knot or glue.


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