Monday, December 14, 2009

Unfortunite Upgrading

This is the holiday card I demoed on Twin Cities Live last week. I have posted the instructions below. I also got a surprise on Friday when I received an email from my producer from the show seeing if I was available this Wednesday. I will be demoing a choker made out of washers. I've been busy making samples and the step outs for the show. I'll post it on Wednesday.

Copyright 2009 Becky Meverden

Holiday Card
By Becky Meverden

8 ½” x 5 ½” Turquoise cardstock
5 ½” x 1 7/8” White cardstock
4 ¾” x 3 ½” White cardstock
5 ¼” x 1 5/8” Navy blue cardstock
1 1 7/8” oval (cut out of wrapping paper)
3 1 ¼” circles (cut out of wrapping paper)
2 5/8” Light blue buttons
Glue pen
Glue stick
White glue
Paper trimmer (optional)

1. Fold turquoise cardstock in half to make the card. Set aside.
2. Center and glue navy blue cardstock onto 5 ½” white cardstock. Glue onto card approximately 3/16” from card bottom.
3. Glue wrapping paper ovals and circles onto card.
4. On the 4 ¾” white cardstock write a holiday greeting such as: “Happy Holidays” or “Merry Christmas.” Center and glue to the inside of the card.
5. Use a glue pen to outline the oval then sprinkle with glitter, tapping off the excess onto an extra sheet of scrap paper. Return the extra glitter back into the glitter container.
7. Glue buttons onto card.

I've fallen in love with another KPop singer, Lee Ji Hoon. Here is my favorite song right now. He is only 30 and has been singing professional since he was in high school.

Our ancient scanner decided to die and Rocketman ordered a new one. Installing it has been a nightmare and proven to be impossible. He was on the phone last week for hours with Epson with the conclusion that we need a new computer. Our present computer is only 4 years old. We bought it shortly before the move to Korea.

Poor Rocketman with business trips to Asia and an empty bedroom needing paint so I can move my craft room into it hardly has time for anything more on his plate. I think the bedroom is more important but he disagrees. Family is coming up next week for the holidays and I had wanted the room done before then just because. I really hate get a new computer because this one will random change to Korea time and it just makes me smile to see what time it is in Korea.

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