Friday, March 9, 2012

45 Record Napkin Holder

While waiting for our ocean shipment, I decided it was a great time to look in our crawl space which housed the things I didn't really need but couldn't part with.  Time makes that a lot easier and frankly some of the plastic tubs had been undisturbed for 10-20 years.  Knowing that 63 boxes are arriving sometime next week gave me the push to crawl up into the unknown and see what's in there.

I found a bunch of 45 RPM records, both mine and Rocketman's.  How did I know which was which?  Rocketman's were still in their original sleeves and looked really good considering they were from the 1960's.  Mine were thrown in there haphazzardly with scratches galore.

I went on Ebay to see if any were of value and found that a few of Rocketman's were and they quickly sold once I listed them.  Now what to do with the rest.  That's when I came up with the idea of making a napkin holder.  It took help from Rocketman to see it  to fruition but I was so excited at how it turned out. 

45 Record Napkin Holder by Becky Meverden

 Copywrite 2012 Becky Meverden

2 45 records
3 1/2" long x 2" wide x 3/4" thick plywood(I bought this in a scrap bin at Menard's. Roceketman cut the piece to size) 
4 #6 x 1/2" screws
Black paint
Foam paint brushes or regular brushes
Outdoor carpet tape ( or another strong, sticky tape)
Originally, I made tried to make the napkin holder with just the screws but we found out quickly that we needed something to secure the record to the wood.  I dug in our tape drawer and found this carpet tape.  Let me tell you this really is strong tape and works really well for this purpose.
Sand the rough edges of the wood then paint black and varnish.  Let dry. Press a record to the side with the side you want facing out, center it and decide where you want the two screws.  Remember to make sure the record is flush with the bottom of the wood.  Do the same with the other side.
                   Cut a 1 1/4" piece of carpet tape and then cut this piec of tape in two.
Center and press one piece of tape on the side of the wood. 
Drill the holes for the screws.
                                 Press the 45 to the wood and drill the holes through the wood.
                               Screw the screws in.  Do the same on the other side.
                                       Paint the screws black.  Here is is finished.
I hope you liked this project and it's a great way to display those old 45s.


  1. This looks great, Becky. Thanks for the details and wonderful pictures. I'd love to have a retro kitchen and this would be perfect.

  2. Wow! I do like this project very much. How inventive and cute.

    My folks had two huge boxes of 45s and LPs in their attic and were going to chuck them all out until I convinced them to let me have them instead. One of these days I'll get to cataloging them, and now, thanks to you, I have a new craft project to boot. Thanks!:)


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