Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Bojagi (Korean Quilting)

 Remember this bag of silk scraps that I got from a hanbok shop shortly before we left South Korea?
I finally opened the bag and I was shocked at how many scraps were stuffed into the bag.  It took up half of my kingsize bed.  The best part was that is was all free!  I'm so glad that I asked KJ, my bojagi teacher, if she had ever asked hanbok shops for their scrap fabric.  She had never thought to do it but I know she will be doing it now.
I also finished a triangle bojagi I started just as we were leaving.  I can't believe how hard it was and I did a terrible job of lining up my corners.  Oh well, it wasn't too bad for a first try. 

We are still waiting on our ocean shipment.  It's been six weeks now and it should have arrived last week.  Rocketman is getting crabby because it's been in the 70's this week and all he has to wear are long-sleeved shirts.  We never thought it would be this warm so we only packed sweatshirts and sweaters.  I did finally go out today and get some short-sleeved shirts because I was roasting.

I'm really antsy too because I don't have anything I want to work on since I have so many things coming in the ocean shipment.  Most of my craft supplies are in that shipment and I don't want to go out and buy new.  I did break down and order some silk thread online so I could start another bojagi piece and JoAnn's didn't have any silk thread (at least mine didn't).  So lets hope that shipment comes soon. 


  1. Is there anything you can't do, Becky? LOL
    I think your quilt looks perfect and I love the design of the triangles. The material is beautiful.

    I hope you get the shipment soon :)


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