Sunday, March 4, 2012

I Miss...

I miss the Korean show "I Am A Singer."  You would find Rocketman and me glued to the television every Sunday night at 6:00pm to see the latest episode.  Seven talented well established singers would compete against each other in a singing contest with the audience both live and at home voting for their favorites.  These singers take it very seriously and it blows me away to watch them singing their hearts out week after week.  Every three weeks a singer is voted off and replaced the next week with someone new.  It is a genius idea and I found it amazing that the egos were left at the door. 

I've heard that a U.S. version is being considered.  Can you imagine a sing off with American singers from all types of music and from all decades too?  How about a line up of:  Pat Benatar, Joan Baez, James Taylor, Toby Keith...  It's fun just to think of the lineup.

My friend, Hannah, sends me the latest shows so I can keep caught up. Here is one of my favorite performances.  This particular week, it was duets with singers who had been voted off.  This performance still gives me chills when I listen to it:

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