Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hanging with My Peeps

Last Saturday I participated in the Korean Heritage House Market at White Bear High School, North Campus.  It was so good to see everyone and it felt like I was back in Korea.  I had a table where I showed a few things I had made last year in Korea and I also had some items for sale.
Rocketman went along to help out also to partake in the Korean lunch.  It included some delicious kimchi.
Everyone loved the Korean miniatures and many were hoping I would have a class on it.  I was sorry to disappoint them with a no but I told them that when they go back to Korea for a visit, I could see if I could arrange a class with my talented miniature teacher.
                                                               It was a great turnout.

                 This reminded me so much of the picture taking I had seen in Korea by Koreans. 
                                                       How about this cutie patootie!
It was like being with family with lots of hugs and smiles.  It was just what the doctor ordered.  It's a great organization and they even have a hanji crew who are passionate about hanji.  They have classes all summer long and I am planning on attending a few if my schedule allows.  Here is a link to their website.

I had an interesting thing happen at my doctor's office this week.  I went in for a checkup and blood workup.  It was my first since our return from South Korea.  I've had lots of blood tests and I'm fine with them as long as I don't watch or look at the vials of blood.  I get lightheaded and have fainted before if I watch so I make sure my eyes are closed and my head is turned.

The blood draw was uneventful and the six (I know, I was surprised too) tubes were taken and labeled.  I started to get my coat on when the nurse told me to look at each tube and see that my name is on each one.  I told her that I trusted her and would rather not.  She told me that it was a new rule that the patient must look at every vial after the blood draw and double check the name.  I had already told her about how I can react to having blood drawn. 

I again told her that I didn't care and didn't want to look but she wasn't budging.  I know it was her job so I glanced at them and asked if that was good enough to which she asked if I saw my name on each vial.  I told her I did and that was the end of it.

I think it's a ridiculous rule and I wonder when the nonsense will stop.  I'm sure something must have happened to precipitate this but I sometimes feel like the lawyers run the country.  I just hope I don't have to have any blood tests for a good long time.

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  1. Looking at the vials would make me pass out! OMG! What a lame rule!


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