Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Kraving Kimchi!

Yes, people, this is a poor, poor me post.  I have been without kimchi in my house for four months now.  I miss it like an old friend.  My Korean kimchi refrigerator was always full of kimchi.  There is something about Korean kimchi, it's just not the same as U.S. kimchi.  Maybe it's the ingredients, maybe it's the prep, maybe it's Lock n Lock kimchi containers that are perfect for kimchi storage. 

In Korea, I was never without kimchi.  Here is a list of all the Koreans who helped to keep my kimchi refrigerator full:

1.  Mr. Choi's (my 76 year old yoga buddy) wife
2.  Nan Young (chilbo teacher)
3.  KJ (hanji teacher)
4.  Shim (fellow hanji student)
5.  Mi-Sun's (our Nolboo waitress)
6.  Young-Su (friend of Nan Young who owned the restaurant next to chilbo)
7.  The owner of the miniature shop

I also know for a fact that if I was ever in need of kimchi I could count on anyone even a stranger to provide me with kimchi.  Maybe it's not only the kimchi I am missing but Korean jeong.  Sigh.

1 comment:

  1. Have you purchased it at the Korean Market on the corner by the Korean Heritage House on Snelling, they sell several size jars of it. We buy it all the time.


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