Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Rocketman vs. Wasps

Monday was a beautiful 100 degree plus night and I decided to do brats on the grill.  I removed the cover and tried to start the grill to no avail.  I figured we had run out of gas which always seems to happen when I'm trying to grill out.  I decided not to stress Rocketman as soon as he came home and I proceeded to cook the brats on the stove.

After I knew Rocketman had a full tummy, I told him about the grill and asked him if we had an extra tank of gas.  He went into the garage and made his way to the deck with the extra gas.  I was watching television by this time when I heard a huge bang that sounded like an explosion.  I ran to the sliding glass door to see Rocketman staggering in.  He had been stung by wasps.

See the corner of the grill in the photo above?
This is what was hiding on the underside and Rocketman stuck his pointer finger right into the hive.  He was stung immediately and ran towards the door tripping over a lounge chair and the sound I had heard was his head hitting the sliding glass door.  He was surprised that the glass did not shatter.  He was in incredible pain and ran the finger under cold water.  He also had a horrible headache but no bump on his head from the header into the glass.
The next night we went to Lowe's to buy a faucet for the kitchen and to also pick up some wasp killer spray.  It worked like a charm.
                                                   The hive was the size of a fist.
This was his finger Tuesday night.  It was worse and I want him to go to our doctor but he is stubbornly being resistent. 
This is what it looks like today, Wednesday.  Am I being overly concerned?   He is taking Benadryl and icing it. 


  1. He definitely should go to the doctor. Benedryl helps, but you want to be sure that if he ever gets stung again that the reaction would be even worse.

  2. I'd be concerned with the blow to the head.

  3. I'd be more concerned with the blow to the head.

  4. Becky, next time, make a paste out of Adolph's meat tenderizer...it sucks the poison right out! Also icthammol is a drawing salve that I use after...keeps drawing the poison...


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