Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Asian Brush Painting - Class #2

This week in class, we learned how to paint bamboo.  I was soooo excited because I had always wanted to learn how to do that.  The paint stroke is quite easy but it's the loading of the brush that is tricky.  I'm still working on that as you can see by my picture above.
I'm having a blast and the two hours just fly by.  Our teacher wants us to practice at home and I did not do that but I plan on making time before the next class.  I really can see using this in my hanji (Korean papercraft) projects and chilbo (Korean enameling) projects.
                         This is a photo of my teacher's demo.  Oooo, I want to be like her someday!
We have also been invaded by box elder bugs.  They are everywhere! 

On the kitchen front, we got the quote for the new flooring and I almost fainted......$8500.  It includes ripping up the old and a bunch of other problems that go with installing new flooring.  We are going with an Alloc slate-looking floor.  Our floor is really what needs the makeover the most.  Oh well.  Now we just have to wait and see when he can start.

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