Saturday, September 1, 2012

Minnesota State Fair 2012

We decided to take the grandkids to the Minnesota State Fair.  We knew we would get an early start since the kids are usually up by 6:30am.  We got to the fair by 8 and were able to park in the fairgrounds.  We had to remember how to navigate with two little ones.  It's been a long time for us.
               We bypassed this until we were leaving when we bought the kids a little something.
You know it's the Minnesota State Fair when you see these kind of offerings.

                                         Spaghetti on a stick!!!  I had never seen that before.

                                                  Noah was hungry and wanted cheese curds. 
                                                I love to watch the product demonstrations.
                                                                        I had to get these!!!
                                                           I saw some Korean at the fair... opa!!!
                                            Ez loved eating a little snowcone with Grandpa.
                                          Noah made a necklace while hearing a story about Jesus.
Then we hit the rides and this is my last photo right before the Tilt O' Whirl started.  I got soooo sick on this ride.  Everything I had eaten almost came up.  I was dying!  I managed to survive the ride but that was it for me.  Noah rode more rides and then wanted to leave which was great with me.  My stomach was upset the rest of the day.  We had a great time but next time I will definitely do the rides first before the food. 

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