Thursday, August 30, 2012

How to Make Stepping Stones - Crafting with Noah

This is a wonderful craft to do with children.  We had an extra bag of concrete sitting in the garage and I thought it would be great to get rid of it in a fun way.  Most of the supplies we used to decorate I had already and just had to dig them out of my craft room.  We used beads, broken china, decorative rocks and decorative glass.  I also added some Korean coins and pieces of chilbo (Korean enamel).  This stepping stone was done by Noah, our 6 year old grandson.  I love his creativity!!!
It was even better that Grandpa was home.  He really did a great job of mixing the concrete.  Noah helped too.
                                                He was really interested in the process.
                                                 We also had to keep an eye on the little guy.
I had inherited a bunch of tin lasagna pans and they made a great form for the stepping stones.  We just used an old plastic bowl to fill each pan with concrete.  We let it set for a half hour to hour and then we decorated.
                                         Noah really got into it and had so much fun.
Later, we had the kids imprint their hands in a couple of the stepping stones.  I added their names and the date.
                                                                These are Noah's.
                                                                   More of Noah's.
                                                                 These were mine.

I added some Korean chilbo (enameling) and Korean coins to this one.  I'm going to use some at the base of my gutters where there always seems to be a gully from the rain.  They take a few days to set but they were easy to remove from the lasagna pans. 

The grandkids went back home today after a week with us.  We really enjoyed them and Noah was so excited to show them all the things he made this week.  I'll be posting more projects in the next few days.

This project really is easy and inexpensive.  I also loved that it created something you could use.  My daughter is going to put their stepping stones in their garden.  It is a wonderful keepsake that can last forever.

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