Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I Miss Dollhouse World!!

I was scheduled for one last class at Dollhouse World in Suwon and was so looking forward to it.  Unfortunity, the owner, Jung-Mi's father-in-law had fallen gravely ill and as the wife of the eldest son, the hospital vigil fell on her shoulders.  She spent every hour of every day at the hospital keeping me informed (through my Korean girlfriend) his status and the possibility of still having my class.
But he ended up passing right before we left so I was unable to have that class.  But I did stop in one more time to pick up a few supplies.
 While her sister (who owns the coffee shop adjacent to the shop) scurried around collecting items along with some phone calls to her sister looking for things, I took some photos of all the talent.

                Then I stayed for lunch and had a bittersweet meal with her.  Her shop is so cute.

I just love this bagel sandwich of hers.  It had egg, bacon, lettuce and mayo.  Yummy.

If you every are in Suwon near Sungdae Station, stop by.  She has kits available too.  If you have two full days, have a Korean friend give her a call and see if she can schedule a class for you.  It will be one of the best things you ever did in Korea.  To get to Dollhouse World:  From Sungdae Station, walk West for a few blocks until you past a gas station.  Take a right at the next street, its' a steep one and walk.  You will see the coffee shop and Dollhouse World on the left.  You can't miss it, it's the first building when you take that left.

There is a huge miniature show in Chicago every year and she would love to go.  I'm trying to convince her to go and that I would drive down and help her with the show.  I'll let you know if she ever takes me up on it.


  1. Wow, what talent!!!!! I loved these pictures.

  2. I was so thrilled to be able to take classes while I was in Korea. I hope to take more when I visit.

  3. Thanks so much for sharing this, and all the pictures. I had no idea there was such a thing. The attention to detail just floors me. I agree--what talent!

    I have a friend who teaches in Samcheok. I need to clue her in to this, if she isn't already. :)

  4. We just moved to Seoul last week. That stuff is amazing! I hope to check it out.


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