Thursday, August 16, 2012

Up North With Noah!

We used to rent a cabin for a week most summers up on Leech Lake when the kids were young but it had been a good decade since we had done that.  I thought this year would be a great year to do that again.  My folks would be going with us as I had heard my Dad more than once talk about all the fun we had up North.

We were able to bring Noah with us and we also had visitors like our son and his girlfriend and my sister and her husband.  This photo is Noah's first boat ride on Leech Lake.
We went up on a Saturday and by Monday we were sitting in a doctor's office with Noah.  He hadn't been feeling well and was running a 102 degree fever.  But when he started crying about his throat hurting we knew we were in trouble.  I was lucky enough to find a clinic (the only clinic) willing to squeeze us in.

The poor little guy had strep and the doctor wanted to know where we were from.  He had seen a lot of strep that week and all from the Twin Cities.  He called in Noah's prescription and we made our way to the pharmacy.  Thank goodness for my IPhone.  I was able to call Laura and she sent me copies of her insurance card through our phones.

Noah wasn't himself most of the week but that didn't stop him from having a ton of fun.
He would have bursts of energy only to crash and burn quickly.  We just catered to whatever he needed and by Thursday he was back to his old self.
Our resort is off of a winding road going around Leech Lake.  We noticed one morning about 30-40 Native Americans in the woods digging.  We saw a hearst there also and that's when we realized that it was a gravesite.  They were still there that evening having spent the entire day there.
              I had never seen anything like it so I grabbed my camera to take a few pictures.
It reminded me of the tombs I would see dotting the landscape in South Korea.  It was similar except in Korea they would use bricks or stones to make a dome and the body would lay under the dome.  It was then covered with dirt and grass.

Every Tuesday there is a flea market in Hackensack.  It had really grown since the last time I had went. Both my Mom and I love a good flea market.  We brought Noah with us too.

I did get a few things including this cool bag.  Noah got a few things too and so did my Mom.
Noah also learned how to catch crayfish.  A couple of brothers really took him under their wing and were wonderful swimming buddies.
                  We also went into Walker and did a little shopping.  They had a lot of cute shops.
                                          Noah picked out this t-shirt for his little brother.
This was our cabin.  We chose a large one because we weren't sure how many people would be coming and we wanted plenty of room.

                                                                     The Kitchen
                                                                  Family Room
                                                 My Folk's Room and yes, that is a jacuzzi you see.
                                                                       Noah's Room
                                                                    Our Room

Our son is kinda famous around these parts.  When he was 12, he caught a record muskie off the dock.  The resort owners had a replica made of his catch and also a plaque made.  He still holds to this day the Minnesota State Record and the World Record for 16 and under.  He is quite the fisherman.

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