Sunday, August 12, 2012

Completion and Decisions

I finally finished the bojagi that was my final assignment from my Korean bojagi teacher, KJ.  I'm amazed at how much time it takes to handstitch and I worked on it constantly to the detriment of the housework (I am not a big fan of housework).  I love the Korean fabric I used.  It was a silk with a flower design.  I wish I could find similar fabric here but I haven't been able to.  I'm really happy at how it turned out and happy to be finished.
We also made a final decision on the kitchen, family room and bathroom colors. The salesclerk at Hirshfield's was shocked at our choice for the bathroom.  It was actually Rocketman who came up with the purple and chartreuse.  Now he is prepping the rooms for paint.  We found out that after wallpaper it is a good idea to paint a coat of oil based paint on the walls as a primer.  So Rocketman is looking at an extra coat on the bathroom and kitchen walls.  Thank you everyone for your suggestions, they really helped.

We are still eating on the floor, Korean style and really enjoying it.  It's a great exercise for the knees and it will keep us ready for our next visit to Korea.  We are thinking of a trip next May.  Spring is one of my favorite times in South Korea with all the cherry blossoms in bloom. 

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  1. Your work is so pretty! So is bojagi a form of hand piecing?

    I like the bathroom combination, though I thought chartreuse was a dark red! I'm rubbish with colours with fancy names!


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