Monday, September 10, 2012

Kim's Oriental Market in St. Paul

I really needed to get out of a funk so I knew a trip to a Korean market would be just the thing.  Rocketman had bought me a small, college-size refrigerator so I could buy kimchi and not have it stink up the entire refrigerator.  Kim's is not much to look at from the outside.
But inside was like I stepped back into Korea.  I opted for one of the small shopping carts instead of a basket and proceeded to fill it up.  Frozen mandu!!!  WooHoo!!!
                         And lots of choices for ramen just like my Home Plus back in Suwon.
These jars are deliciousness and are going into the new refrigerator because they smell to high heaven even though they haven't been opened yet.
When we stayed at the Dormy while waiting for our things to arrive we ate the free breakfast that was offered by the staff.  Rocketman would always get one of these yogurt drinks and I thought to surprise him with one each day with his lunch.
                                                I couldn't pass these up too.  I missed them both!
                           And how could I even begin to do any Korean cooking without these? 
This stuff is so good and I think it will help me get over this cold even faster.  I couldn't stop smiling as I shopped.  The wonderful ajumma who owns the store remembered me from 2010 and was surprised to hear we had gone back to Korea. 

I came home and put everything away.  I can't wait to make some kimchi jjigae now!!!


  1. Finally you got to the market, I sent you there months ago! Best Korean shopping in St Paul enjoy your kimchi.

  2. I wish I could taste your cooking Becky!

  3. Your very own kimchi fridge! Just the thing. (Isn't it amazing how it can smell through a sealed jar?)

    I should get some yu ja cha. I wonder if my kids would like it.


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