Monday, November 12, 2012

Hanging Around

I did a lot of crafting while living in South Korea and I came back with  a ton of things to put on the wall.  It included things I had made, things I had bought and gifts that were given to me.  I had my chilbo (Korean enameling) put onto a handmade frame while in Korea knowing I wanted to make a collage on one of my walls back home.  Rocketman helped me set these up.
On Sunday, I spent the afternoon working on hanji with the Hanji Crew.  I had hinted (asked) Rocketman that it would be wonderful to get everything put up on the walls while I was away. This is where I wanted my chilbo collection to go.
 He got to it while I was away and he placed these on the wall for me.  The center is a chilbo piece I did and the other two were made by my Korean bodyguard who is also an expert in wood carving.
 He also did this over the television which included the copper painting done by my friend, Metal Guy.  I made the chilbo on the left and I was gifted the chilbo on the right by a dear friend.
He even managed to place this painting that was a going away gift from his co-workers.  I forgot the guy's name but he was a friend of Buddha.
And here is my chilbo collection.  I was so surprised at all the work Rocketman did while I was gone.  We both LOVE how everything turned out.  I think Rocketman was a little surprised at how may nails he had to put into the walls.

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