Monday, November 26, 2012

Metal Stamping Class

Last week I took a metal stamping class at my local bead store.  I was intrigued by the craft and wanted to learn more.  The class was full with ten of us.  There was a little mix up with my registration.  I had signed up online for two classes and they had only given me credit for the second class.  It was easily corrected.

We started with this brass square and we were told to practice hammering letters into it.  It takes practice to do it well.  She also told us not to stamp in the center.
Next we got to choose blanks from the store's stock.  For the amount of people in the class plus how quickly you could stamp and complete a blank, there was little stock to choose from.  I left the class happy with what I made but feeling let down by what I learned which was very little.  I'm also a big fan of handouts which include the teacher's name and email or phone number.  The teacher offered little information during the class and I left knowing just slightly more about metal stamping than when I arrived.

I also realized when I got home that she never told us why we needed to keep the center of our first brass practice piece blank. 
Last Saturday, we took advantage of Donatelli's "Spin & Win." From now until December 24th, if you buy a $100 gift card, you get to spin the wheel and get a prize.  We eat there every Saturday so Rocketman thought it was a great idea to buy a gift card.
                                        Here is Rocketman getting ready to spin the wheel.
                                        We won a free t-shirt and we took one in Noah's size.
        Last week they also had my beloved Prime Rib Sandwich as a special.  I was in heaven!!!

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