Tuesday, November 6, 2012


I've always loved milkweed especially during the Fall when the pods opened to release fluffy little seeds.  It reminds me of home and growing up.  We moved a lot when I was little.  I went to five different grade schools, three in one year.  And no matter where we settled, I could always find my beloved milkweed.  I loved to collect them and I would image little fairies living in the pods.

So I was surprised to see in all my years of walking the same route, to find milkweeds for the first time.  I decided to stop during my walk to bring some home.  I must of been a curiosity to a driver because he didn't pull out into the street until I had pulled the milkweeds I wanted and continued on with my walk.
 If you are wondering what I did with milkweed when I got home, here they are in my bathroom.  I sprayed them with hairspray.
I don't think I showed you a picture of the finished bathroom.  It's very, very tiny and we always do something strange with it.  Before this paint coat it was covered with leopard wallpaper.

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