Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Knitting Away

I'm not a huge fan of flying but it does beat a horse and buggy of the past.  Our trip to South Korea is coming up soon and I'm in the stage of deciding what to bring on the flight to fill the 14 hours 5 minutes we will be in the air. Of course, this doesn't include the boarding time, the time we spend after pushing back from the gate and all the time it takes to take off and land.  It's a lot longer than 14 hours and 5 minutes.

It's times like these (among other times) that I am so thankful that I'm a Constant Crafter. I have several projects to do during the flight.  Our niece is expecting her first baby in July and I thought it was a wonderful opportunity to get out my knitting needles again and knit up a darling blanket.  I have it started but I hope to complete it during the flights to and from Korea.  The photo above is of the yarn I chose.
I also started a hat and I plan on making several for friends and family. I am in love with Churchmouse Yarns. I have made a couple of their patterns and they are darling. I especially love that I can order a kit which included everything.

I am also bringing some maedeup projects and books to read. Delta has always had a great selection of movies so I'm sure I'll spend a lot of time catching up on all the movies I haven't seen in the last year.

We are so lucky that we are flying business class even if it did take every last one of our frequent flyer miles with Delta. Coach is brutal and I get upset thinking about how many miles Rocketman flew to Asia in Coach. I'm not one that can sleep on a plane but Delta has seats that recline all the way and it's nice if I want to lay down and listen to my IPod.

We will be going to Jeonju with Hellena, our Korean friend who is a flight attendant. She booked us a night in a hanok and sent us photos. We are so excited. I wanted to go to Jeonju because it's the home of hanji. I never got there when we lived in Korea and I regretted it.  Jennifer, another friend, has taken a job in India and is moving there but we will be able to see her before she leaves.

I can't wait to eat buddae jjigae at Nolboo!!!  I've been craving it and they have the best in my humble opinion. We will be staying in Suwon for 1 1/2 weeks and then going to Seoul for the final few days. It will be hard to leave again but just knowing we will come back makes it a lot easier.

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  1. Sounds like fun! I tend to take cross stitch with me, 'cause it doesn't take up that much space.

    My mom leaves tomorrow for Korea, it will be her first time back in 37 years.

    Hopefully you have a great time.


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