Thursday, April 11, 2013


I'm a big time believer in intuition.  I believe that God, Jesus, our Spirit Guides, our loved ones who have passed, give us signs whether they are whispers in your ear or picking up a penny to find a year with special meaning.  When I'm ready, I will share with you my journey in the world of psychic awareness.

I had a couple of magazines I had recently received just thrown on the counter.  Rocketman came home from work one night and as he glanced at the magazines, he saw something strange.  Do you see it?  (His name is Curt).
He called me over and I freaked out!  I do believe this is a message either for him or me yet we are in the dark as to what exactly it means if anything. I am keeping a close on my guy until something or nothing happens.
These are the words that were covered up by the magazine. Do you listen to your intuition?  I'll let you know if anything happens. But for now, we are in a state of heightened awareness.

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  1. To me, the message is clear: Curt, I want a whole year of adorable shoes!

    Let me know if you hear form my sis...I'm really kinda pissed that she hasn't visited. She promised she would!


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