Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Road Trip with the Grandkids

Last Thursday, I packed up the grandkids and hit the road to visit my folks and to stay with my sister and her family.  I didn't let a fractured elbow stop me but I was grateful to have help loading and unloading the car.  I had a text from my son-in-law when I arrived in Rockford, IL letting me know that he had forgotten to put Noah's suitcase into my car.
Our first stop was my parent's house.  I left Noah with my Dad and my Mom, Ezra and I went off to Kohl's to get Noah clothes for the weekend.  When we returned, my Mom wanted to wash the clothes so we hung out waiting for Noah's new clothes to dry.  We got to my sister's house a few hours later.
On Friday, we piled all the kids into the car and went off to the Discovery Center Museum.  It is an interactive museum full of hands on experiences for the kids.  The kids had a blast!

After lunch, it was time to check out the chickens.  Noah had his own camera and took pictures of my sister's chickens.  Ezra just loved being around his big brother.
                        My brother-in-law took the kids on a tractor ride.  They LOVED it.
                                                       The kids colored Easter eggs.
                                                                   Ezra loves his Madison.
                                                                   Sunday Easter egg hunt.

Ezra had trouble sleeping.  I would put him down around 8:00pm only to have him awake around 12am. I would put him in bed with me and he would sleep until 5:30 am. I didn't sleep because I was afraid I would roll over on him.  I tried once to put him back into the Pack n Play only to have him wake up.  This went on for three nights until I told my daughter about it.

She asked about the ball.  They  had send a plastic ball with him which my sister's dog had broken the first day. I thought is was just something to play with.  She said that he likes to sleep with a ball.  My sister ran out Easter day to get him one and wouldn't you know it, he slept all night.  I just wish I would have told her after the first night.  I was one tired Grandma when we got home.

The weekend was a blast and it was so fun to see my grandkids with my family.  Everyone had a great time. Rocketman stayed home because he had work obligations.  He just got a new job in his company and he starts May 1st. 

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