Friday, June 14, 2013

Family Reunion & Ezra's 2nd Birthday

Last weekend Rocketman and I headed out on a road trip.  It started with a trip to Illinois for our annual family reunion.  I had just found out that my folks had never eaten a burger from 5 Guys so I remedied that first thing with dinner at 5 Guys. They loved it!
The reunion was at my sister's farm  home and I was surprised to find she had just gotten some baby chicks.  She's had chickens for years and said they were getting old and she needed to add to the crew. They were so cute.
Our daughter and her family also came down and stayed with my sister.  They love it there. This is Ezra just hanging out.
                          Noah got in some practice by feeding some of my sister's chickens.
                                               We also celebrated Ezra's 2nd birthday.
                  Ez got a new trike from my sister and her family. He loved it and so did his folks.
                    We got him a tent which also had a little tunnel opening.  He loved that too.
                                                Ez playing in his new tent with his Daddy.
                                         Mommy also got a ride on Ez's new trike.

This was only the beginning of our trip. Rocketman found out the day before we were leaving that he needed to get to a couple of plants, one in Missouri and one in Iowa. So on Sunday after the reunion we headed to St. Louis which was halfway to our next destination which was Nevada, MO. More on that next time.

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