Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Last Stop Pella, Iowa!

Our last stop on the roadtrip was Pella, Iowa. We were there for only one night. Rocketman's plant was actually in Knoxville, Iowa which was 11 miles from Pella but he had heard that Pella was a great town to visit. But I was without a car and Pella had no taxis, imagine that! The hotel was 1 1/2 miles from town and I could have walked since I walk more than that every day but the location of the hotel outside of town and walking on roads with no sidewalks made me nervous so I hung out at the hotel.  But when Rocketman was done with work, and hungry, we headed that 1 1/2 miles to check out the city.
                     We were not disappointed! Pella is a beautiful town. I loved the architecture.

The only problem was that Pella runs on "country" hours which meant everything closed at 5 pm except for some of the restaurants.
                         I did want to do some shopping but we settled for window shopping.
Pella has a Dutch history and reminded me of when I visited Holland, Michigan when I was a little girl.
                     We even found a windmill which was also a museum but it was also closed.
         And if you didn't get the hint by the name of the town, Pella is also the home of Pella Windows.
We went a few miles out of our way coming home to finally, and I mean finally, eat at Hoban's. We had heard so much about how good the Korean food was and we had been anxious to check it out.
  We started with a kimchi pajeon. It was delicious and tasted very much like you would get in Korea.
And lots of banchan (Korean sidedishes). The kimchi was disappointing to me. It wasn't very spicy but still delicious.
I had kimchi jjigae and it was presented in the same type of hot pot, boiling like crazy like I would get in Korea. The taste was pretty good but again, they went light on the spice. We definitely will go again and next time I'll let them know that I am Korean (inside anyway) and to bring on the spice!

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