Thursday, September 5, 2013

A.G. Thomson House in Duluth, Minnesota

The bed and breakfast I chose had fantastic reviews so it wasn't too difficult to choose to stay at the A.G. Thomson House. We arrived just after 4 pm which was check-in on a Friday. It was very easy to find and Tim, one of the owners, just happened to be out to greet us. Isn't it beautiful?
It is three stories and the owners, Angie and Tim, live in the third floor which used to be the living area for the servants. The house was beautiful inside and out with Tim showing us all around and giving us the lay of the land.
Our suite was actually in the Carriage House. We stayed in the Lake Superior Suite.
                  I took these photos as we were getting ready to leave so hence the messy bed.

With breakfast, we had our choice to eat with everyone else in the main house or have it delivered. I opted for delivery because of my pickiness and my embarrassment of said pickiness. Around 8:30am each morning we were greeted with a knock on the door letting us know breakfast was served. It came in this darling basket.
                                                            Also a handwritten menu.
I loved everything except the fruit parfait. But it was still too much food for me but don't worry about leftovers, Rocketman ate quite a bit of what I didn't.
                                     This is a history of the home. It was really interesting.
We've only stayed in a bed and breakfast one other time and they had a diary where you could leave a note for Angie and Tim.  I told them that we have a magical time and that we hated to leave. I also ordered couple massages for us which we had on Saturday morning. They were wonderful. It was an amazing weekend and I still have a couple more blogs about things we did.

I also made a little video of our room:

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