Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Last Day in Duluth, Minnesota

Our final day at the bed and breakfast, we woke up to this. We could have stayed here forever just for the breakfasts.
              I barely made a dent in the food because I don't eat breakfast but it was so delicious.
The muffins were heavenly. We left for home around 9:30 am and vow that we will make this an annual vacation. Rocketman got the rest he desperately needed and also the opportunity to use his camera. I got the just "be" and sometimes it's just what the doctor ordered.
I also love to find shops carrying handmade gifts from the locals. Paper birches are all over the area so when I saw this picture frame,  I knew I had to have it.
                               The artist used river rock as the stand on the back of the frame.
I also found this wood carving of a tree.
As I was checking out, the clerk asked if I wanted information on the artist to which I responded, yes! I think this is just the coolest and now I know a little bit more about the piece.

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