Sunday, August 10, 2014

2014 Carver County Fair - Waconia, Minnesota

Rocketman was spending Saturday getting his Level One Reiki Certification and since it was on my daughter's side of town, I called her and asked her if I could hang at their place for the day. They were planning on going to the Carver County Fair so I tagged along. We started at a horse demonstration where we watched these really young girls race horses around poles as fast as they could without knocking a pole over.

I have to be honest and the whole thing scared me to pieces. I have an unusual fear of horses and then seeing these girls, some as young as 7 or 8, racing jittery horses was enough to give me a heartache. I was so afraid that one would fall off the horse. They all did really well but few made it through without a pole falling. Noah watched with his daddy.

                                         Little Ez kinda felt like I did about the whole racing thing.

                   But our daughter, who has been a lifelong horse lover and baby Judah loved it.
Then my daughter asked why my camera was taking blue tinged pictures which apparently it did the entire previous weekend. Of course, I had no idea so she took my camera and reset something and now it works properly. She is her father's daughter when it comes to cameras. I'm a point and shoot girl - period.
                                                 Ezra was ready to leave the horse racing.
                                                             And so was Noah!
                                                                 Next came the rides!

We brought one of Laura's friends who had a little girl a week after Judah. I see a wedding in the future:)
                                                                  Noah loved this!
                                                              Time to fill it up with air.
                                                              Zipped and ready to go!
                                                    Standing was easier said than done.
                                                                            He did it!
                                                                          Time to unzip.
                                                                   And crawl out.
                                              Waiting patiently for the ride to start.
             I meant to ride this with Ezra but he told me no but he did allow another grandma to ride:)

                                                                      Let's start already!
                                                                         He is fearless!

                                            One of my favorite games ever! Winner every time!!!

                 I turned around to this. A random sword fight between Noah and another boy.

                                               All too soon, it was time to go home.
                     The spoils Noah came home with from the arcade. He throws a mean dart:)
                                 Flowers at my daughter's house. They are so pretty.
            She also has some huge sunflowers growing in her garden. I love, love, love sunflowers.
She also has this strange bug and it's babies on her zucchinis. They aren't doing any damage but she would really like to know what they are.

I picked Rocketman up from class and he passed with flying colors and really enjoyed the whole experience. He has level two the end of September.

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