Wednesday, August 6, 2014

2014 Family Reunion

Last weekend we headed down to Illinois for the annual family reunion. The weather could not have been better, not too hot and low humidity. This is the host of the shindig, my brother-in-law, Paul. I think he was weeding the garden:)
My daughter cannot stay away from weeds. She finds weeding as a great stress reliever. I told her she can come over to our house anytime she wants to relieve stress:)
          A tractor always makes for fun for the kids. I was trying to get Ezra to smile with his Dad.
                                                       I gave up shortly and off they went.
                                           His mama will smile for me whenever I ask:)
                But back to Ezra, this time I was just trying to get his face without the ring pop.
                                               Finally got the photo, thanks to his mama.
                                       New kittens were a huge hit. Noah loved them.
                                                  They are called Lucy and Ricky.
This little one was really shy and hid most of the time.
                                                 Is there anything better than a kitty? 
                                                    Ezra loved all my sister's flowers.
                                                      "Hey, big brother! That's my trike!"
                                         "Thanks Mom but now where is Noah going?"
                                                      "Oh no! He took my favorite chair!"
                             Rocketman with our daughter and two of our three grandsons.
                                                 "I love my mommy and she loves me too!"
        We got to see my cousin, Pattie and her hubby Curt. I think they had a great time, can you tell?
Ezra, can you move out of the way so I can get a picture of your little brother on your trike?  No, okay:)
All day I had been trying to get Ezra to smile at me to no avail.  He finally did. I never worked so hard for a smile.
He had no problem smiling for my sister, the little stinker. I didn't take many pictures because I ended up doing a lot of reiki. My sister fell in love with it along with lots of others. It was so great to see everyone and we had a blast.

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