Tuesday, August 12, 2014


I planted these yews some twenty odd years ago. I wanted something there and I thought they were pretty low maintenance.  In case you didn't know, I loath yardscaping or landscape designing. I don't mind watering plants (except when it's hot, humid and the deerflies are biting). But deciding what goes best where is not my thing. Our past winter was brutal and many of our bushes died, which turned out to be a perfect time for a change.  By the way, I did not plant the weeds you see in the photo above:)
Our daughter and son-in-law came out and proceeded to get rid of them. Not an easy task especially with hot and humid weather.
                                                  The yews were replaced with asiatic lilies.
                                               A couple days later they started to bloom.
                                                               I love them, I really do.
         A big thank you to Laura and Brent who did all the work while all I had to do is water them.

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