Tuesday, March 1, 2016

South Korea Vacation Part 15 - Busan Love Motel

I have always told Rocketman that we would avoid Busan during the Busan Film Festival. Hotels are booked well in advance and I heard it is always crowded during that week. Guess what weekend we went to Busan? Yep, it was the tail end of the Film Festival.  Hellena had a horrible time finding us a motel and then the only thing she could find with a decent size bed without having to sleep on the hard floor was a love motel.

I swore I would NEVER sleep in a love motel. If you are not familiar with love motels, they are a place for couples to go to have some privacy if you know what I mean. My Korean girlfriends never wanted to talk much about them but at one time there were at least five in the same block as our apartment. But Hellena even went to this particular love motel to check it out for us and she knew what we needed (a mattress) and what we were comfortable with. We would be staying two nights and wouldn't be there except to sleep so we were nervous but okay with it. It was the only way we could visit Hellena so we really had no choice. We wanted to visit her badly.

The photo above was the front desk of our love motel. As you can see, love motels give you a lot of anonymity. You do not see the desk clerk but we happen to the second day when she ran out to give us new towels. Who stays in a love motel more than a few hours or overnight in some cases?
The room was tiny which was fine and we were happy to see the queen size bed. Behind that dark partition is the window. The mattress was pretty firm but that was expected.
                                    Rocketman was excited to see a tub in the bathroom.
                                      Lots of items for guests to use. All provided free.
      We even received a goody bag upon check in. I was starting to really like love motels. All free.
I was also surprised to find on the vanity everything needed to put your hair to rights. You mustn't walk around Korea with mussed hair.
The next morning, we received a text from Hellena to look outside the door. She had coffee and breakfast delivered so we didn't have to look for food. She knows Rocketman gets cranky when he's hungry. She has always been so thoughtful.
                                                                There was so much food!
I had an egg salad sandwich and it was the best I had ever eaten. After breakfast, we were meeting Hannah and her sister for a little walkabout. Coming up next on the blog.  I still can't believe we stayed in a love motel and it was pretty great.

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