Monday, March 7, 2016

South Korea Vacation Part 16 - Busan, South Korea

We met up with Hannah and her sister who also speaks English for a morning of sightseeing. We were meeting Hellena and her family in the afternoon. Hannah's sister is currently living in Busan due to her husband's job. We started out the day by walking along this mural dedicated to some of the movies that have filmed in Busan.


                                          The views along the coast are breathtaking. 
Hannah told us these apartments are very expensive and people living here complain alot. It gets a lot of direct sunlight and the apartments get very hot. 
                    We saw this lone fisherman with the longest fishing pole I had ever seen.

                                        Here are some photos from Haeundae Beach. 
I found out what a "Busking Zone" is. In the evening singers take the "stage" and put on a show. It can be solo artists or entire bands. I loved the idea.
                                        We then visited the building where APEX 2015 was held.
We were able to tour the building since it had been turned into a museum. It was a beautiful building and the views were amazing.
                                                  This was a sample of the food that was served.

                                 Now for some of Rocketman's awesome photos.
                                         This was a mural inside the APEX building.
                           We see a lot of Korean exercising all times of the day. I love it.
                                                 We got to spend the day with this little one.
                                                This was our entourage for the day.
After lunch we headed to one of the places I had always wanted to see in Busan. I'll share that in the next post.

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  1. I looked up something about busking in Korea recently. I don't even remember why, now. It seems to be a fairly commonly used word in the rest of the English-speaking world, outside the US. We don't seem to use it that much.


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