Tuesday, April 12, 2016

South Korea Vacation Part 23 - Class with my Chilbo Teacher - Kim Nan-Young

I was able to take a couple of chilbo (Korean enameling) classes from my friend and teacher, Kim Nan-Young. It was so good to spend time with her and I love our one-on-one classes.
Nan LOVES to take my camera to take pictures of me. I always make sure that my readers are off too.
                                                        Concentrating and working hard.

                                    As you can see, I also love to take photos of her too.

While we waited for the enamel pieces to fire, Nan brought out some enamel poo. If you have ever spent any time in Korea, you know poo is a big thing. 
                                     She wanted me to write something on it and so I did.
                                                                 Our finished chilbo pieces.

I also noticed this photo of me in Nan's shop. It's from when we lived in Korea in 2008 and Nan had taken the photo with her camera. I was surprised to see it and also super touched. I adore her so much. She also told me in Korean that she no longer teaches with the exception of myself.  She is very busy with exhibitions and also she is very active in her community.
                                     We grabbed dinner near our AirBnB after class.
 I had mandu guk and it was delicious.

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