Wednesday, April 6, 2016

South Korea Vacation Part 22 - Jaejongdae Resort Park - Busan, South Korea

Our final stop in Busan was the Taedongdae Resort Park. The park is HUGE and we opted to take the tram around the park. There was a one hour wait but it was well worth it. You could get off and on a tram and sightsee at your own leisure. We went on a Sunday and it was pretty busy. Even with the tram be prepared to walk a lot with lots of steep inclines. But the sites we saw were worth every minute.
Before we started, Hannah and Rocketman were hungry so we stopped for hot dogs on a stick. They were cold but pretty good. Then we began our first walk up a steep hill to get to the tram. There was a convenience store at the tram station and Hellena bought a bunch of snacks like dumplings which she heated in a microwave in the store.
                                                                   Finally, our tram came!
 Hellena's husband took some photos as the tram filled with people. The tram was completely filled.
                                                              The sites were amazing.
                                               You could also take a ferry to sightsee.

                          There are people on that rock. I have no idea how they got there!
I zoomed in to show you the picnickers. The water was so choppy and I wondered how a boat got close enough to drop off.
                                                                   An even closer look.
                                                          We ran into this cutie patootie.
                                                                   Another view of the kitty.
                                                         Rocketman and Hellena's feet.
                                                              Another kitty sighting.

 I remember how stressed out I would get when my mama wanted to take pictures. I usually cried too.
 I saw this and thought of the television show "Deadliest Catch." I still love that show but miss Captain Phil.
  That is not ants on that rock but people.
                          Here is a close up with a family using a selfie stick for a photo op.
 Here is another photo and you can see the family I took the previous photo of in the upper left. See the railing on the left, that is how you get out there.
 No way were we going to try that. We had also walked up and down so much we were getting pretty tired.
                           Hannah and Hellena were asked to take a photo for a group of girls.
Hellena (center) with her husband and Hannah. We had a long uphill walk back to the tram after this photo. Everyone was exhausted. As I walked, I came alongside a Korean grandmother who also was having difficulty like myself. She talked to me in Korean and I talked to her in limited Korean and English. She found a bench and beckoned me to sit beside her. I was ahead of everyone else and we sat there talking.

She refused to believe I was a grandmother so I called myself mi-gook halmoni (American grandmother). She loved it! We were deep in conversation when Hannah and the rest came upon us. Hannah wanted to know what we were talking about so I told her and she talked to the grandmother also. The halmoni told Hannah she was waiting for family so we left her on the bench but I will never forget the wonderful time I had with her.
                                                           Our final meal in Busan was galbi.
It was a small place and the meat was pretty tough but the company made up for it. After dinner, Hellena and her husband dropped us off at the train station. There were lots of tears as we made our way into the station and back to Seoul. I miss Hellena so much but thanks to Kakao Talk we can stay in touch. We had a great time in Busan and this was just our first week in Korea. Our second week was just as jam packed.

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  1. Oh yeah, I've seen pictures of that red circle sculpture with the pointer. Cool!


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