Wednesday, April 27, 2016

South Korea Vacation Part 25 - Kim Nan-Young

          The view out of Kim Nan-Young's Chilbo Shop. Enamel poo hanging from the window.

                   Rocketman took a couple photos of the walls outside of Nan-Young's shop.

                                        She had this chilbo display outside her shop.
On my last day of chilbo class, we all went out for galbi. It was myself, Rocketman, Nan-Young, Young-Su and Metal Guy. I was so tired by this second week of running all over the country I failed to take photos. 
 I also bought a few rings.
              Nan-Young gave me these postcards of her crane drawings. She sells these in her shop.
                                                    Here is a close up of each card.

She also gave me a packet of postcards made by a friend of hers. 
Nan-Young also has a very talented daughter and she made these cards. These are her drawings and she bought the fabric hanbok top.
Her daughter is talented like her mama. She also gave me set of these cards to take home. Nan-Young has always been so very generous with me. She even sent me home with a gift for my new daughter-in-law.

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