Monday, April 9, 2012

Grandma Days!

I spent last week with our youngest grandson, Ezra, while his older  brother and folks were in Florida.  Little Ez was grounded by his ENT because of fluid in his little ears.  We had a great time and the week really flew by.  I totally forgot what it's like to take care of little ones.  We started out by taking a trip back home to visit family in Illinois.  He was great in the car and didn't fuss at all.
He was the center of attention everywhere he went.  This is at my parent's house with my nephew and niece.  We were in Illinois for just a few days because Rocketman had to get back to work.
Of course we had to go shopping.  Little Ez had never had a pair of Stride Rites like his mama so off we went to the mall one day to take care of that.  They have sooo many cute shoes now.  When my kids were that age you could only get them in white.
 He loved his new shoes.  We also made a stop at Carters and they were having a 60% off sale. We did some major shopping there.
Honestly, I turned my back for a minute.
 We brought him back to his house to wait for his folks to return.  Here Ez is watching a little Pororo on Grandpa's IPhone.
                        Finally, they arrived and Noah was so glad to see his little brother.

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