Friday, June 15, 2012

Ezra's 1st Birthday Party

We all gathered at our daughter's house last Sunday for our grandson Ezra's first birthday.  Rocketman got his camera ready to catch all the action and I had mine ready to go as well.  I use a point and shoot camera because I have no idea what an FStop is and I don't care if I shoot in RAW or JPeg.  But Rocketman LOVES his camera and all the books he bought to help him take better pictures.
The birthday boy got a little tired while waiting for all the action to begin.
                     But he perked up when it was present time.  Noah helped him open.
We also did a Korean tol and here is a photo of Ezra's choices:
1. Bowl of rice - he will never be hungry.
2. Computer mouse - he'll be a professional gamer (or computer science major).
3. Korean paintbrush - he'll be an artist.
4. Money - he will be wealthy.
5. Bat - he'll be a professional sports player.
6. String (Maedeup cording) - he'll have a long life.

Of course, when we were ready for him to pick, he wasn't ready and we waited until after cake.  I didn't get any pictures of Ezra eating his cake because I took video of it but Rocketman took pictures which I have no idea where he put them on the computer. 

When he finally starting grabbing from the tol table, we set him in front of it and he grabbed the bat before I could turn my video on.  So a professional sports player he will be. 

I've been removing wallpaper from the kitchen all weekend and boy is that a job.  I never want to wallpaper again.  We are going to paint then add new countertops and tile backsplash.  I'm hoping to talk Rocketman into new appliances too but we will see.


  1. Great pics you shared. I remember when he was born. Are you back in the States now?

  2. Hi Donna! Yes, we are back. We returned in February of this year.


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