Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Return of Rocketman!!

Rocketman spent the last couple of weeks in Asia for work: Japan, China and South Korea.  I had a really hard time knowing he would be in South Korea without me but he did offer to pick up a few things for me.  The few things turned into a little more than he had anticipated.  The first was some hanji things.  I ordered some jewelry boxes with the hardware and some bowls.  The photo above shows you how the hanji comes.
                                      My hanji teacher also enclosed a bunch of patterns.
                                                 And some hanji mirrors for me to complete.
                                                   And these adorable hanji shoes.
And lastly, this booklet of street where all my classes were which is the crafty road next to Hwaseong  Haenggung (Palace).  This is where I went every day to attend my craft classes.  The booklet is wonderful.
                                              It showcases the shops on this street.

Here is my hanji teacher.  Her shop is on a street perpendicular to the craft street.  It you walk from the palace, take the first street on the left and go down a block and a half and she is on the lefthand side of the street.

Young-Soo's noodle shop is also featured.  She also teaches maedeup classes and speaks pretty good English.  Her noodles are delicious too!

Nan-Young, my chilbo teacher, is right next to Young Soo's place.  I'm still working on getting Nan to show her teeth in photos. 

 My bodyguard's wood shop is down from Young-Soo's and Nan Young's shops.  He knows a little English.

To find this magical street is quite easy.  As you are facing the palace, there is a street to the left.  That is the street!
Rocketman also had dinner with some of our Korean friends. Hannah gave him some kits from her company for Noah.
I also asked Rocketman to bring me back some cute covers for my IPhone.  They have the cutest covers in South Korea.
He also picked up some craft books from Japan but it is really hard for him to pick out ones that I would like.  He brought an interesting assortment.

I have an interesting weekend with 8 hours of classes both Saturday and Sunday.  I'm taking classes to become a Reiki healer.  It's a long story but something that I've wanted to do for a long time now.  I'll let you know how it goes.


  1. you have got me intrigued, I have no idea what Hanji is, so I'm off for a look round your blog!


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