Thursday, June 14, 2012

Noah Days

Noah had a few days without daycare so he spent them with his "Korean" grandparents.  I love the position he took to play Legos.  Oh, to be young again.  I always answer "yes" and "no" questions in Korean along with some other simple sentences.  Noah understands a little Korean because of this and can even count to 10 in Korean.
It was also our niece's high school graduation so the folks came up for that and also a visit.  Noah was teaching Old Grandpa (his name for my Dad) all the wonders of the IPad.
My sister surprised us all with a limo ride to the restaurant for the graduation dinner.  It was my parent's first limo ride.  In case you were wondering, it was Noah's 2nd and he is only 6!
Noah got a little bored on the way to the restaurant and wanted to text Grandpa who was at the opposite end of the limo.  How cute is that!
            Noah caught up with his little brother, Ezra and his folks when we arrived.  He was so happy to see them.
                                                        The folks were happy to see Noah too.
We even met a waiter named Ezra who told us in all of his 29 years he had never met another Ezra.  All night the waitstaff would come up to us and ask if it was really true that his name was Ezra.

We did so many things in those couple of days we had Noah that I need to do multiple posts.  Tomorrow's post will be on Ezra's 1st birthday party.

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